Do You Need To Paint Your House? Here’s General Info You Won’t Read Anywhere!

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House painting is an operation you certainly do more often than renovate. When I was a child, my father packed up the whole house every four or five years and started to paint big strokes of white. Once the job was done, the house looked transformed: from dirty and dark to bright and shiny.


However, since renovating the house has become my job, I have learned from house painters Portland and painters that redoing painting is something more complex than taking a brush and starting to paint. Now when a client asks me for advice on which is the best material to use for the walls of his house, I tell him that he must contact a painting expert who studies the existing background, assess the type of paint already present, see if it can hold up. New paint, if on the other hand, it is necessary to eliminate it or simply apply fixatives, and overcome all the problems. Only at the end of a study I wait will he be able to indicate the suitable painting. And I assure you that, no matter how many walls I have seen, a professional painter (one of the serious ones though!) Knows a thousand times more than me.

The same applies to a house that simply needs to be repainted and to a completely renovated house and will be finished from scratch.

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And I assure you that surprises are never lacking: a few years ago I was following the renovation of an Portland apartment which involved making some traces for the systems on the part of the walls. I was hoping to get by simply plastering the parts of the wall on which we had intervened and given a “coat of white” everywhere. Believing it to be trivial, I underestimated a thorough analysis of the old dye. When the painters arrived on site, we had a bad surprise: the old paint was coming off like a skin … it would not have been possible to do the new finish before to have peeled everything off and given a good coat of fixative.

Since then, I have carefully looked at what’s on the walls of the houses I renovate, but I pay particular attention to carefully choosing the paints suitable for the needs of the house and my clients.

Remember that the paint that covers the walls and ceiling is the most extensive finish you will find in your home, and if it is not of good quality, it can even be harmful to your health.

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