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Painting The House: Who Is Responsible For The End Of The Lease?

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For the painting of the house walls, it is not uncommon to hear that the owner of the apartment has withheld part of the security deposit.


How are things actually?


What do the rules say on the subject?


Who has to paint the walls of the house at the end of the lease? The owner? Or maybe the conductor?


Painting of the walls of the apartment, the legal regulations

The issue of painting the apartment at the end of the lease does not find a specific discipline in the laws: in short, to answer the question, we must look at the general rules, the content of the contract, and the practice on the subject.

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What are the obligations of the Portland owner?

Here we refer to the so-called 4 + 4 contracts and those for leasing for use other than residential since for those 3 + 2, of a transitory nature and university students, we will say further.


Surely the state of a painting of the walls falls within the concept of the good state of maintenance if they are very dirty or otherwise damaged. Normal previous use does not require painting. End of year condominium adjustment what does the tenant pay?


The fact that the walls, over time, get dirty is something that concerns the deterioration due to normal use; however, this assessment must also be made in the light of the content of the contract and the practice, it is understood that normal deterioration can never match excessive dirt due to carelessness. (Who pays for the painting of the stairs?)


Painting the walls of the apartment

The practice, in many contexts, provides that if the house is delivered with painted walls, the tenant, at the time of return, must do the same. Conversely, no-obligation incurs on the tenant if he has received it with the walls not “freshly painted,” except in the case of deterioration exceeding normal use.


Concerning practice, it may be useful to consider what is prescribed in the collections of customs and practices held at the Chambers of Commerce.


However, the content of the contract comes first. Very often, the parties also regulate this aspect of the lease (e.g., walls painted by the owner at the time of the start of the lease that must be left by the tenant in the same state at its end, i.e., final painting by the latter)